Welcome to the Kansas City Skyliners Tall Club!

The Kansas City Skyliners Tall Club is a social club for tall adults (at least 21 years old), women at least 5'10" and men at least 6'2".  

Founded in August 1939, we are the second oldest club within Tall Clubs International, which comprises over 30 clubs with North America, as well as numerous affiliate clubs  world-wide. 

Our Tall Club is a not-for-profit, run by volunteers. We create an environment where tall people can meet, share ideas, and develop friendships.

Besides this website, you can also find us:

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* Our email is

* Our phone numer is 913.777.4333

* Our mailing address is 

Kansas City Skyliners Tall Club

P O Box 4426  

Kansas City, KS 66104-0426