Why a tall club?

The central purpose of tall clubs is to create an environment where tall people can meet, share ideas and information, and develop friendships. 

When you take into consideration  how rare we are (only about 1 percent of American women are 6'0" or taller and only 1 percent of American men are 6'4" or taller), the importance becomes more apparent.  Being able to socialize and discuss issues eye-to-eye is refreshing.


While the majority of members are single, there are quite a few married couples.

What does the tall club do?

Simply stated, the club does whatever the members want to do! Our typical activities include dinners out, house parties, dine-outs, hikes, walks, skiing, snowshoeing, bike rides, dinner/dance parties at local clubs, movie nights, cook-outs, etc. There is no end to the events that might appear on the calendar. 

How do I join the Tall Club?

We suggest that prospective members attend at least one event prior to requesting membership.

Our process is fairly simple:  

*  Fill out our membership form.  

* We will verify your height in stocking / bare feet.  

* Your application will be voted on, at our monthly meeting.  

* Dues are paid and that's it!

May I bring a guest to an event? What if they are not tall enough?

Yes, you are welcome to bring guests to events, unless the event is marked as a “Closed” event for members only. Your guest does not have to meet the height requirement. The guest would pay non-member price if required.

What is the average age of club members?

We do track the age of our members or prospective members. We seem to have a mix of ages from the 30's to 60's with the majority in the 40's to 50's. 

What is the gender mix of the club?

The names in the club database are pretty much a 50/50 mix between male and females. However, the gender mix at the events varies from activity to activity. You need to attend a few events to figure out which ones are best for you.

How many members are in the club?

We are currently in the process of rebuilding the club. As of June 2019, we have three members and about 35 prospective members. While our numbers are low at this time, we are consistently working hard to get the word out about the club, recruit more prospective members, and we have so much fun at our events! 

How much is the membership fee?

To celebrate our 80th Anniversary, we are offering a special price to new members, of only $15 for singles and $20 for couples. This offer is only valid to new members joining in 2019. 

The normal membership in the Kansas City Skyliners Tall Club is $25 for singles and $40 per couples per year. The membership is due every July and is prorated for new members based on when they join.

Why join the club when the events are posted on the web site and non-members can participate?

While it is true that non-members are welcome at our events, there are a number of advantages to joining the club.  Our dues are very reasonably priced and go towards covering our expenses. 

Becoming a member allows you to sponsor events, vote at our meetings, hold a position on the board of directors, and take part in running the club. 

Membership in our Tall Club includes membership in Tall Clubs International. This means you are able to attend TCI weekends, TCI convention and access “members only” portion of the TCI website. But more than anything, being part of the club means just that – you are part of the long-standing (no pun intended) Kansas City Skyliners Tall Club!

Who decides on the events?

Any member can sponsor an event. 

We accept suggestions for events and choose which events to attend at our monthly meeting. 

We try to have at least two events each month. We try to be mindful of the cost associated with the event. We also try to have an occasional family-friendly event. 

How can I host an event?

It’s very easy to host an event. First, become a member of the club. It is recommended that you select an event that you are interested in and would attend anyway. Hosting an event is simply greeting all attendees and making sure everyone has a great time. 

Does The Kansas City Skyliners Tall Club sponsor scholarships?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not yet have a scholarship program. We forward all requests concerning scholarships to the Tall Clubs International Foundation for consideration. In the near future, we hope to have a series of fundraising events to fund a scholrship program.